“Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” (and a bit of myself)

I’ve always wanted to write something about the movie “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” but I never knew where and how to begin.

It was my father who first saw the movie. He told me everything about it, then I started looking it up to the internet. I watched it and dead on — I cannot stop crying. Simply because it’s about the loyalty of a dog and everything dog makes me so emotional. But before everything becomes emotional here. I’ll say what I think about the movie.

It doesn’t deal much with its script — of course the main character won’t even speak. Richard Gere was great, though. He has that aura of friendliness with the dog and that’s what made his character and Hachi’s relationship grow in to me. and none of that follows. I find it hard to look on smaller details about its cinematography, the character and plot development and whatnot. I think that’s my problem when it comes to films that get my emotions in a heartbeat. I tend to forget noticing little flaws, I only see its beauty and the message the movie tries to tell.

So, screw the movie review. I’ll jump on my whole point in writing this. Hachi reminded me of my most favorite dog. His name was Albert, a Japanese Spitz at some kind, he was about 7 years old and the last time I saw him was a year ago. We parted because we have to move in to another place and dogs are not allowed there. So we (by we I mean my parents and I) had decided to leave him to some people we know. But sadly, he got lost. And until now no one knows where to find him.

Now, seeing this movie made me think of Albert the most. I can say that I sometimes only watch this over and over just because it brings me back to the memories I had with my dog. On our last night together, I remember walking him through the village. This might sound funny to others but I tried talking him. I told him that no matter what happens, I’ll always visit him and I’ll always be with him — he’ll always be with me, too. I just don’t know If he understood but before I settled him for the night, he gave me that look of gratefulness. I may not be sure if that’s it but I felt it.

He’s gone many trials before — he almost died, too. But luckily he survived and I’ve always admired him for that. I can also remember in mornings when I have to leave for school, he’s always growled at me as if not wanting me to go. But by night, when I come home, he’s always welcomed me with that warm smile and his tail that wags happily. That’s what I miss the most about him. He can be harsh at times but there’s nothing to compare with his gentleness and sweetness. I treated him as my own brother — a dog brother. There’s nothing I wouldn’t trade just to see him once again, just to see him smiling and wagging his tail again.


The above picture was his photograph when he’s still a puppy.

On the movie, it was the Master who left but for me it turned out otherwise. Hachi may have not forgotten his love for his master like how I would never forget my dog. Hachi never left the train station — hopefully awaits the return of his master. I will never abandon the memories I had with Albert, and (I know it’s impossible) I will always wait for his return. If only I know what happened to him after we parted ways, it would be less harder for me to accept that he’s no longer with me.


Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

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