Just being thoughtful, maybe.

Our generation today is no doubt all about those squeaky high-end gadgets, wars, nuclear wars, non-sensible events and the demise of flappy bird in App Store and Google Play. I figured not many people still talk about the simplicity, travails and beauty of life. And many of us live as though we were only given a life we did not ask just for the sake of living. Do we still care? Care for life, care for suffering people? How does life start to become inspiring?

How do we judge life as inspiring? By looking at how people succeeded like those typical rags to riches story? How people fell down and were able to stand up? That’s it? One trial and the person was able to succeed? How about we look at those people’s lives with unending struggles, and their suffering has also become their triumph at the same time? How about those who started with the perfect life and ended up falling off the wagon? Don’t we think there are also success, something good and aspirations in it?

A true fulfillment cannot be judged by looking at how many things people have achieved but the beauty of their struggle, suffering and hardships instead. You’d probably think I sound stupid. I find beauty in suffering because that’s what makes life worthy and meaningful. That’s what makes life thrilling. We take risks, make mistakes, screw up, grab every opportunity that’s laid out in front of us… Without them we could never acknowledge that we’re living. Without them, there’d be no compassion, empathy and love. It’s what makes our lives meaningful.

These past few days I was able to reflect how beautiful life could be. I felt very inspired seeing how someone went through a hell of trials — depression, isolation and anxiety included. It’s amazing that while falling, they were able to see the light and walk through the path to betterment. This includes reflecting to their past life and admitting their mistakes and not be ashamed of it, realizing how less they’ve become and learning themselves even more and reconnecting with family and old friends. I realized even those destructive trials give people the chance to better themselves and be the happiest and healthiest person they could ever be. And after all that they never took life for granted.

I must say people who have a never-ending struggle lead a beautiful life and are very blessed. Remember what people say? The more God gives you trials, the more he loves and trusts you. He has given them that huge of a trial because he knows that they could endure that. He trusts their strength to be able to face those hardships, and after going through it they’d be better, stronger and more courageous than ever.

I’ve got a lot of respect to people who can still wear a smile without us seeing their aching heart and soul; People who keep on moving forward and not backing out; People who keep on struggling and fighting without bothering people around them with their problems; People who can face trials with their head held high. Just think of how strong they are because, to be quite frank, not many people make it through their problems safe and sound.

Whether I’m referring to whoever it is. It doesn’t matter because bottom line here is that they are the kind of people that inspire me, that give a whole greater meaning of success, fulfillment and a beautiful life. They are the people I can truly call role models and heroes, at the most.


Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

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