Lucky Day

Your final horoscope summarized for your whole life:

Enough with the lies because now is the time for you to find out the truth behind your daily sufferings and misfortunes. You might not want to greet your parents good morning first thing today for they did try to abort you before you were born, which explains your perfectly funny nose. Your dog has never been the man’s best friend. Friends you call did not only mock you in front of you as part of your habitual friendship bonding but they really mean it. As in mean it. Your pasta is made of combined PVC, goat poop, red juice from a used tampon and the likes served as an alternative in accordance of waste management in your country.

This horoscope does not only suggest these things but you might really want to consider them as positive because the truth is nobody cared.

Nobody cared about you. Not even your parents and friends.

Friends, that is, if you really have one.

When you talk, they intend to look attentive but none paid attention to your whimsical musings and delighting stories. Man, the world has enough supply of shit without your help.

Words of deception. Not only do people lie, but worse is that the biggest fool is you.

Nobody cared. Not even your God.

When you pray (which all people knew, including you, has never been sincere) he doesn’t listen. In fact, he was not even there. At all.

It’s safe to say that your whole life is a pseudo representation of human virtues and principles.

It’s even better to say that your existence is a sham.

But it’s still the best to settle with the thought of you worth nothing.

Now, get your ass up and move on with the life. Continue the same ol’ rotten upbringings you and everybody else had been playing. There’s always nothing to worry about. Have a great day!


Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

3 thoughts on “Lucky Day”

    1. Thanks for reading and giving your feedback! I was repeatedly contemplating those stuff lately and I’ve come up with endless “what if’s” in mind. The reality of these could be really scary.

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