The Farm

After reading Ellie’s post about the term ‘paronomasia’ (which is simply a pun, but for the first few minutes I cannot put my finger on it.) I was inspired to write something relating to it and I’ve come up with a children poetry. But honestly, I wouldn’t encourage a single kid to read this one ’cause I might just confuse them haha. So here it goes:

In the farm I see
Full of different animals and tree.
The fresh county air touches my skin,
A youthful smell I’m breathing in.

In the barn I walked to,
Stunned as I peeked in.
Chicken, horses and pigs greet me,
‘It’s grape to meet you!’

Mommy told me not to mingle
With animals we don’t own.
But a kinship grows in me,
With them I won’t be alone!

So I waved my hands and introduced myself,
‘Hi, I’m johnny. And I’m really glad to meat you too.’

Excuse me, I was just trying to be punny.


Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

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