I gently put my make up on, like a painter drawing her masterpiece — face powder first, a little blush on and eye shadow, and then I brushed my lashes with mascara and a tint of red on my lips. I put on my yellow macramé bracelet he gave me two years ago to accentuate the white dress I’m wearing. I can only hope he’ll appreciate the way I look as together we witness the majestic scene of the full moon floating above the sea with its little dancing stars.

I slipped my flat shoes on my feet, grabbed my purse from the bed and went downstairs.

As I lock the front door, I felt strong arms grabbed me from the back, hurting my skin in the process and blocked my face with a black cloth to prevent me from seeing and screaming. Before I knew it, I was being kidnapped by a man or two. They did not make any noise, nor did tell me to restrain from screaming to seek attention and help. Only did they hold me tightly as they led me into a car heading to no where I know.

For the first time in my life I felt this strange scare I have never sensed. Inside they removed the cloth on my mouth so I could talk but left the blindfolds on. I kept telling them to let me go and even played tough and uttered a threat to seek authorities the moment I escaped and lock them away. I thought I sounded funny. As if they didn’t hear me, they kept silent and still. Only did they hold my two arms to restrain me from moving freely.

So many things have crossed my mind. What if they’d gang rape me first and kill me afterwards and throw my dead body on a river? Or what if this is a kidnap for ransom? But who would dare and do so? I can’t think of anyone who would.

And suddenly Ethan’s image appeared on my mind. He must be there, waiting for me. It’s supposed to be our fifth anniversary. He must be worried why I was never there. I never had him worried.

I started tearing, feeling lost and defeated. All my hard work are trashed. All my dreams may never come true. I might not see him anymore. This is how it all ends, I thought. This is how it all ends.

I heard the car engine stopped. I don’t know where I was but it felt like I’m joining heavens above, leaving the only earth I have lived my whole life. Leaving people I love behind, without even saying good bye. They will lose me without even knowing it. I will lose them.

The men had led me out, it smelled brine. Fighting still, I struggled against their strong arms in hopes of escape. We walked a few steps before we stood still. Unlike what I was expecting, they didn’t lead me into a dark warehouse to slaughter. I think I’m feeling a sense of sand on my feet. Sand and brine, we’re probably on a beach because I hear a faint sound of water like waves. I’m so confused, I just want to break down and die my own way, peacefully.

Until they had finally loosen the blinders and freed me. As I open my eyes, squinting, adjusting to the dimly lit scene of a paradise, I saw him there, standing a few feet away from me, smiling his usual secret joke.

Stunned, I could not move an inch. There was a small round table lit with candles and two seats clothed in a fancy way where he stood. Watching him slowly took his steps towards me I can only think of one thing: someone’s got to pay for this.

Wearing a white button down shirt, black pants and a pair of black shoes, he looked so sharp, as always, as if he’s attending a formal ceremony. And in a sudden move I did not expect so soon, he’s gotten down on one knee, held my left hand showing me a simple yet very elegant ring and asked, “will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?”

I wanted to slap him and tell him how scared I was and the first thing he’s asking me is to marry him? But instead I put my one free hand on my mouth to prevent a sob from escaping only to find out it was too late, as I was in complete shock bawling my eyes out of happiness only he could make me feel.

Still elated, I frantically nodded yes. Funny how he’s joined me to crying, stood on his feet and hugged me the way I always felt safe inside his protecting arms. I was tearing and laughing hysterically at the same time thinking this is gonna be a hell of a lifetime together. And I couldn’t be more excited.

***I once thought if I were a man, I’d throw the biggest and most unexpected wedding proposal to the woman I love. But since I happened to be a female, no, I can never put this plan into practice. This piece is also a rough draft, part of the novel I’m still trying to work with right now.

-Danica Aquino

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Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

24 thoughts on “Kidnapped”

  1. Reblogged this on bears goats and strawberries and commented:
    Slightly interesting, but we’re all to lazy to even comment on being kidnapped. Too annoyed to say yes to marriage then. Hello, am I looking my best? But we come from the land of ransom notes on our boyfriends, future husbands, windshields. Flew into town without telling him. Long distance relationship. Put newspaper cut out note on windshield to meet at “our bar” after work. Valentines day 1998. Present, got him wasted, a color me mine pottery bag that was filled with candy on sticks. The man flower bouquet.


    1. ” Slightly interesting, but we’re all to lazy to even comment on being kidnapped. Too annoyed to say yes to marriage then.”

      Your point, exactly?


    2. Thanks for the motivation and for the reblog, you promoted my post in a way.

      I’ll make sure to contact you and rub the book in your face the moment I finished this story 😉


    3. Oh I see. You know that’d be more interesting if you’re not hiding under that Bears, Goats, Strawberries troll name before you preach. ’cause it sounds chunky 😉


    4. Sir , who so ever you are…if you can’t appreciate someone…atleast keep your words and thoughts to yourself if you don’t have the etiquette to present it properly.
      It does nothing but spoil your image…if you’re bothered about it.


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