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Screen grab from High School Musical 3: Senior Year

I was recently nominated for another two blogging awards, Creative Blogger and Liebster Award, by two amazing fellow bloggers writergirl191 and Ellie. Thank you both for recognizing my little corner here, it always feels good. I know that sometimes it’s almost like we live the lowest days of our lives and feel like shit: useless and worthless, and I think these awards somehow help and inspire us to continue pouring our heart out through the powerful art of letters.

I’m encouraging you, lovely readers, to spare a moment and check out writergirl191’s and Ellie’s blogs, it will surely be worth your time.

As per awards, there’s the inevitable rule. And this time I decided to follow them quite a bit; even I was surprised ’cause I’m never been a huge fan of rules.

For the Creative Blogger, I have to thank the one who nominated me and include their blog link on my post. Check! Secondly, I have to state five facts about myself. I decided to spice it up a bit and list my most favorite and personal pieces I published here. They are as follows, in no particular order.

Weary Knight — I believe the we don’t write for nothing. Most of the time I’m writing myself in stories I’m telling and this poem is one.
Sampaguita — it’s written in Filipino but this one’s very special to me because 1) the first serious story I wrote without my professors requiring me to. 2) it tells the general and real situation of poverty in the Philippines.
See You Again — would you believe that this piece was solely rooted from Weary Knight? Both pieces appear on the novel I’m currently working on.
The Fallen Light — the most daring story I have ever written. It started from simple questions of ‘what if a nun got pregnant? What would she do? How would she deal with it? How would she feel?’
Scars — My most personal piece and the only story I wrote in tears. Writing this was very unravelling; it almost feels like I’m ripping myself apart. How could I not? I’m literally retelling my life story.

The last rule says I have to pass on the award to other 10-15 bloggers. I’m nominating only 5 and hitting two birds with one stone: nominees are both bestowed Creative Blogger and Liebster Award! Their links are written below after I wrote answers to Ellie’s.

Ellie asked interesting questions and I’ve always loved answering stuff because it felt like I’m being interviewed like how celebrities are. Is that weird?

Why did you start a wordpress blog?
  – I had my first account back in 2010 but soon forgot my password, email, and everything but basically I made one because I would like to have one place where I could put and compile all my thoughts and writings in.
What first inspired you to write?
  – Geez, this is so hard. I’d say the love for writing started in sixth grade, back then I don’t really know why exactly but as time wore on, when I started spending time reading books, Nicholas Sparks had influenced me, a lot. I used to, and I still, think I wanted to be able to tell a story the way he perfectly does but he’s also the one, and let’s add Lauren Oliver too, why I’m scared of pursuing writing because they’re just so good I would rather read their stories than write one myself. LOL.
What keeps you writing?
  – I blame that little, and powerful, muse screwing in my head, pushing me to make memories, wonders and fantasies last.
Do you prefer writing poetry or stories?
  – I’m more comfortable writing prose but I think I’m more free and subtle in poetry. So yeah, I just answered the question without answering it at all. You decide.
Tell me three unusual facts about yourself (things you consider to set you apart)
  – I don’t, normally and most of the time, curse but I do in my head, all the time. Even kill people in my mind. Lol, kidding. No, not really.
  – I just lie in bed and act my stories out, alone. It’s even more fun if I cry. I guess that’s how I started acting, technically.
  – I’m a food freak slash trying hard chef. I love experimenting with foods but I usually end up messing up their holiness. I swear I will save up and enroll some culinary subjects in the near future.
Any pets?
  – I used to have a little pet zoo when I was little, almost all kinds of pets: dogs, rabbits, birds, cats, I also used to keep beetles. It’s a shame that we now live in an apartment where pets are not allowed. The landlord told us first thing. What a looooseeeerrr.
What book are you reading right now?
  – Cammie McGovern’s Eye Contact and in between I’m rereading Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall, one of my all time favorites.
What’s your worst nightmare?
  – Death. Or simply losing people I love. I can’t bare to think of it, I wanna throw up. Funny how I’m, and probably other people too are, afraid of this one, simple concept of life.
If you were someone for a day, who would you be?
  – This honestly took me a lot of time to ponder. There are just amazing personalities out there but I’ll probably be a fairy that can change the world in a swish of her wand. Things, lives and situations may not change for the better overnight but if there really is a miracle, I want to take part.
Why do you follow me?
  – I have been reading your posts way before but don’t know exactly why I shy away from following you. OK that’s probably stupid beyond reason. And then when you followed me, I took no hesitation and, like a fangirl, hit that follow button too. Lol. and I’m never mistaken. You’re a wonderful soul contained in a wonderful human body and I couldn’t be more thankful that I was given the chance to know you even more ☺

Questions to nominees:
1. (Just for fun) If you were a character in the movie The Purge, who would you first kill and why?
2. If you are going to change something physically in you, which body part would it be and why?
3. What is your all time favorite book?
4. Who is your favorite personality, dead or alive, and why?
5. What or who is your greatest inspiration?
6. What genre do you prefer to read: romance, SciFi, satire, young adult, adult or classic? And why?
7. Given the chance to talk to your younger self, what would you want to say?
8. What is your greatest dream?
9. What are the top three countries you want to travel and why?
10. What is your one characteristic (not physically) that you think stands out among others?

I’m passing the torch to:

You may, or may not want to accept my nomination, you’re very much free to do that but I am definitely looking forward to reading your take on my questions! And once again, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Ellie and writergirl191, for thinking of me with these awards.

Cheers to a happy blogging!



Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

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