Stop the 2015 Yulin Festival

This is something I was not completely aware of, I haven’t been really watching news and I’m glad Blair posted this, so after a few clicks on Google search I was left horrified, and the first thing that came into my mind is that why would anyone in his sanity do such terrifying things and call it a festival, as if massive killings and tortures upon animals are to be celebrated? In this modern time where I thought we are now educated to be more humane, nauseous behaviors like this are still put into practice; I thought we are far better than this.

Please let us all spare a moment to sign the petition (link given on Blair’s post) and hope to stop this horrible act sooner than it should be.

Animals are more compassionate than most humans. How anyone could do this to these poor creatures, I will never understand. The animals in meat processing plants were born and bred specifically for that purpose, and they are treated much more humanely than these dogs are. No living creature should be tortured and forced to suffer just for any “festival.” Their lives are much more precious than the meat off their bones.

Please, please, please take a few moments and sign the petition to help save these animals:

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Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

4 thoughts on “Stop the 2015 Yulin Festival”

  1. Can we note that “animals bred specifically for meat” are not necessarily treated more humanely, and that oftentimes they are tortured in similar ways? Stop the speciesism, and stand up for ALL animals, not just the ones we regard as “pets”. Using animals as food is exploitation, full stop.


    1. I thought I made myself clear by stating “animals” on the above message. I don’t stand up just for dogs; I’m against torture upon all kinds of animals. But do I have control of whether these people kill dogs for consumption, especially if it’s part of their culture? I don’t think so. Maybe for us dogs are supposed to be pets, but for them these are to eat. And some animals, like pigs and chickens, are in the poultry for a reason, they are specifically bred for human consumption.


    2. Which is a speciesist (akin to racist if we were talking about humans) thing to say. Pigs and chickens have their own reasons to exist, and it’s not to be our food. Believe it or not humans to do not need to keep breeding animals. Therefore we should not. It’s exploitation and cruelty. I actually stand up for all animals, and care for all animals equally.


    3. I would like to point out that I’m more concerned about the “torture” upon them. Eating them may be necessary, but the torture is definitely uncalled for. At some point in life we are all going to die. Would you tell the same thing to sharks, crocodiles and the likes that eat their fellow animals too? I bet not; that’s the circle of life, dear, and it’s a fact. After all, we’re all animals fighting for survival. And if you’re suggesting me to switch diet to vegan, aren’t green leafy vegetables living creatures? They breathe, I suppose they would want to live too, eh? Perhaps if you’re interested, here’s a link to a clever study about how vegetables actively react whenever they’re eaten:

      There’s definitely nothing wrong with standing up with what you believe in; it just happens that we have different views about the matter. However, I believe that agreeing to animals being eaten for human consumption doesn’t make one less of a concerned person.

      I’m glad to know your take, have a good day, Ashley.


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