Albert, a Brother to My Heart

The bright day your momma has given birth to you,
Embeds on my mind,
Like a butterfly tattoo.
Your were noisy, crying like a storm whenever you feel alone.
But you wouldn’t have to be,
As we welcome you to our family.

The night of feeding you real prize,
I saw your usual spot without its master.
Seconds eventually become a horror.
Where could you be?
In the dark silhouette of trees,
I called your name,
And walked along the filth.
As my heart pounds in terror,
I heard a faint cry,
And knew exactly what it was.
I listened silently,
And followed a howling so tiny.
I found your little arms,
Paddling against a foot-deep puddle of water.
Couldn’t help but laugh hysterically,
Feeling relieved and happy.

I will never forget,
That very moment,
You fought for life the first time,
And the many other times you battled,
And what seems to be companion are meds.
I wish you wouldn’t have to bear with them,
And spare you away from pain.

Moments that feel as though our last,
Surprisingly sprouted,
Another years that past.
But a new landlady won’t allow a sweetheart like you,
And left me with no other thing to do.

We were not best friends,
You were more like a brother to my heart.
And I ache to see us part,
Right before my very eyes.

The last night was full of stars,
As we stroll to our last embrace.
I told you I love you,
And promised nothing could break us apart.
But you came about your playful spirit,
And acted nonchalantly.
So I smiled to myself,
Seeing you happy as you are,
And cherished the moment,
As I seek guidance from above.

The next day came so fast,
Like a sand slipping through my fingers.
Carrying you like my baby,
I gently put you down,
And hide the tears inside.
You looked at me with intent eyes,
While wagging your funny tail,
Probably your only way,
Of telling me “it’s okay”.

More years had past,
I still shed a tear more than once.
Dark days had last,
Without you by my side,
Without your growl,
Hating me for having to leave for school,
Without you welcoming me come home.
I wish I could still hold you,
Like I used to,
And never have to leave,
Like how you never left.

This picture was taken when he was a year old. His only photograph left with me. The day I left him, helpless, wishing I could do more for him, will forever tear my heart.
This picture was taken when he was a year old. His only photograph left with me.

Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

3 thoughts on “Albert, a Brother to My Heart”

    1. I appreciate your words. I wish he knew the depth of care and love I have for him. Guilt always hits me whenever I think of the day I’d had to leave him.


    2. It happens. Sometimes we can’t see what is coming so we can’t act accordingly. I feel sorry for your loss. But I am sure the times you had with him are good enough to keep you cheered up 🙂


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