Lost Soul

I toss and turn
Facing each corner of a dark night
With full intention of drifting off to where I could find solace amidst catastrophe of reality.
But instead my mind races through scattered, unreconcilable thoughts that are nonsensical in the mean time.
Making me equally aware of the gnawing frustration electrifying my veins.
I should sleep, I must sleep at this moment.
Behind the strong will and determination to fly above the peaceful world of dreaming is the unsinkable ship of a lost soul fighting against its nature to further sink deep into the ocean.

Danica Aquino


Featured image courtesy of picslist.com


Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

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