Until Then

I have let the day slip through my fingers.
Another chance lost in the woods I can never take back, as it faded away, swallowed by the dark.
I have let the day waste deep within the fire of ocean as it bleached the possible painting of wonders into a yet empty white canvass.
I have lent the day to the demon, now holding it in his left hand, tightly wrapping his fingers around my sun, as it slowly crushes and burns to ashes right before my naked eyes.
The demon blew the ashes my way, went as it stung my sight, I came to inhale it, I wailed outraging insanity; I grasped for life, fought for luck; it choked my nostrils, blocked air from my lungs.
The universe eventually dimmed, owning its time, as though the stars had run out of fuel, until my lids lost their will to open, and my heart slowly stopped thumping.
Until then I will not realize the weight of my neglect.
Until then I will continue crushing my sun, day after day.


Featured image courtesy of favim.com


Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

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