The Power of Reading and Writing

It’s November. I didn’t end October with a bang, certainly not beginning November with fireworks. I still have a ship-load of tasks to do and will surely catch deadlines one after another in the upcoming weeks. I am a graduating student this academic year, though I’m not sure yet how my grades will come out by the end of semester, but already I’m claiming it, (just to attract positive energy) I AM GRADUATING. (!!!)

I did not expect how hectic my schedules have been in the past months. Like, looking back today, I’m asking myself how the heck did I survive those in one piece? And I realize that, indeed, life has a way of progressing itself—giving us mountain-top trials, confusions, what seems to be endless depression and anxiety—win or lose. Yet here I am, writing this blog post. Though I couldn’t tell right at this moment that I won. No, at least not yet, since our thesis proposal got dumped and our group still has to wake back from the dead.

Let’s rehash my late July down to early September schedule, shall we? Just so I could justify my blog title:

  • Morning: mostly around 4AM, getting ready for uni and the usual class will start at 8AM.
  • Late morning up to mid-afternoon: lunch, class, other school stuff.
  • Mid-afternoon: I have to travel an average of 1 hour to go to my internship, which consumes another 6 hours, starting from 4PM-10PM.
  • Late night: travel from on location internship to home for about 1/2 hour. Depending on the traffic situation. 2 hours, tops.

Then I’m going to have to repeat them all the next day, definitely no weekend breaks. In between minutes are little naps I steal from the gracious world and other days consume rehearsals for the required final production, AND thesis  writing. Since I was the one in-charge keeping the whole group tact and organized, I  had to self-deliberate first in which hour or day should we visit the library and do other writing stuff before I lay down the polished schedule for the week.

Okay, can you guys still keep up or am I boring you now?

It was madness. I didn’t know then where to find another spare hours just so all these stuff could squeeze in. Never have I wished another few hours extension of the Earth’s 24, until then.

And during those months I was literally all over the place. Like how you overrun your legs in the morning and it can’t keep up with your body the whole day. Like how your smartphone lags whenever you overuse it from playing games. My whole body, and and soul were like that for months. And I blame it for not being able to keep up reading my books and writing.


With the absence of reading and writing I was depressed: the reason why I went hiatus from blogging. I though I couldn’t keep up with the academic hype, what more distraction could I get if I try and squeeze blogging in to my schedule? Bow, was I ever wrong. Little did I know that by hindering myself from doing what I enjoy could push me off further, big-time, rather than keep myself focused.

It’s the power of reading and writing. It’s the power of literature and the benefits one could get from it.


And since I started going back to my usual activity (writing a poem or at least a journal entry a day, and the fact that I just finished reading a novel) these past few weeks, I observed myself back to… my old self. Still irritated, like I always was, but less irritated now. I could hardly feel any tension, at least not the same level as it used to be. An I’m having more of an optimistic outlook in life again. I have regained myself. And it feels sooooo good.

Magical  is the power of literature. It’s like a medicine still unknown for its curing effects against the toughest battle a man could ever face. The next time I find myself lost like a beheaded chicken again, I’ll make sure to just stare at my book shelf and let the jackets, pen and paper unveil their healing. 😉


Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

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