Does anybody still read this blog?

Does anybody still read this blog?

The answer would probably be no. Because I don’t even post stuff anymore! In all honestly I feel shy about posting anything lately with the slight scare of whether or not I’ll terrify those subscribed to me through email when they find something familiar, but unfamiliar at the same time, visit their inbox. But whatever, I’m doing this anyway.

First though I wanted to greet everybody a very Happy New Year! I hope you, lovely reader, a great year ahead and this may spark an incredible inspiration to fulfill whatever you wish. My greeting may be a few days late, I know, but today also marks the second founding year of this little blog! I wish I could still post as often as I did before, I wouldn’t promise to post more often either, not that it’s something not included in my blogging resolution because I don’t have one. As always, life gets in the way. Ew. Some of you may find this reasoning absurd absurd irrational or just plain dumb, and believe me, I could imagine some eyebrows raising too. But 2015 had been a tough year for me. No, this time I wouldn’t rehash how and why it happened to be that way.

How are you all holding up? I hope you continue writing on your blogs. I may not be very visible around the WP community but I always read through my reader feed whenever there’s a time to spare. On the plus side of the depressing part of my unsung story, I started reading Stephen King’s Under The Dome a week before Christmas and finished it before New Year’s. That was my first King read and it’s fun to say I became friends with most of his characters (shrieks!!!). So yeah, that’s how much I rooted for them. I also started reading Devid Levithan’s Another Day a week ago till I decided to give up because the book was not really worth the time.

I still write poems. Not the lengthy ones because I find it more convenient to sum all the thoughts in few liners, not to mention it’s both quite challenging and fun. I haven’t published any of them here, but few had been posted on my facebook ( and Instagram (@_danicaaquino). Aaannnddd, I’m also working on a story I had been brooding like a wine for over a month now. I’ve gone through my research and outline, hopefully I could also find my way through the first draft before 2016 ends!

This coming April, I will finally graduate from university!!! That was the news I received on Monday, although I have given up hoping for it before the new year’s. Not that it’s something “official” because I have yet to process some papers and payments to finalize it, but at least, the light has finally dazzled its way before me and I can clearly see a 4-month future of mine for now. At least I’ve got some inspiration to hold on to temporarily.

So… That’s all I’ve got to say for now. Have a great day, fellas! The next time I come back to this blog I’m going to come back completely, make it phenomenal and host something that you will enjoy, I hope! And as always, thank you for reading. It means life to me. ❤


Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

7 thoughts on “Does anybody still read this blog?”

  1. Nothing to be scared of Danica in writing blogs. Don’t feel like your going to be judged or anything. Have a look at mine for inspiration.


  2. I love reading blogs like this. So honest, so real. I just launched my first website/blog. It’s on its bones right now but in the future I want to post guest contributions and share some love. So if you ever want to submit a random poem or pros please stop by I really enjoyed your post!


    1. I’ll have to figure that out but you can just go directly to Theres not a ton there yet but there will be!


  3. At 84 I have completed my bucket list! With nothing doing -I took a sugestion from your blog- I started writing (again after too many years)!! I will keep you posted as I progress.


    1. Your specific words are not as everlasting as your mood or feelings transmitted or felt in your blog!
      I try to look at and beyond the print words for you, your feelings at the time and the what’s and why’s of your mood at the time that come through!

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