Blog Update (and a little unexaggerated nostalgia)

I think I might have come to the certain age in which tiniest details of a general life like choosing a blog theme can become so confusing and frustrating at the same time. I had been using the Gateway theme for over half a year now and lately decided to tweak some changes in my site appearance. I still love Gateway and functions that come along with it but it just doesn’t fit anymore, say for this 2016 and my blogging desires. So, I jumped out of Gateway and tried the looks of Lovecraft, to Twenty Ten, and lastly settling with My Life. I would like to apologize to whoever frequently pays a visit to my blog only to find my theme changing every single day.

Aside from my frustration over choosing a more suitable blog theme was High School Musical’s 10th anniversary yesterday, January 20, 2016, in which I suffered from a mild depression (to say exaggeratedly). Why? Because the original cast had a reunion. As early as January 18 they started flooding social media with their pictures together; I swear I’d never been as wrecked before over a movie and its cast. It even made me dig on and mourn over my long, almost forgotten HSM collection and memorabilia.

This is an old picture of my complete collection years ago before most of them were washed out from the flood caused by a typhoon that hit us in 2009.
This is an old picture of my complete collection years ago before most of them were washed out from the flood caused by a typhoon that hit us in 2009.

The reunion was aired on Disney channel and Zac Efron did not, I repeat, did not show up except by a prerecorded message for fans.

It could have been perfect, magical even, with all of them being in the same place where they filmed all three movies, breathing in the same air and hanging out in person, reminiscing about the movie, friendship they made, and how they played a role of inspiration to us kids that time. After all, it’s the perfect time to get emotional and sentimental. It would have given fans a greater impact and unspeakable kind of goosebumps and nostalgia that nobody can ever make but High School Musical. Unluckily, though, Zac had other priorities he better attend to than the reunion (although if I didn’t know better I would rather assume he and Vanessa Hudgens are still avoiding to be trapped in the same room together).

Ten years had passed and here I am, still holding the same amount of support and love for the movie and its cast no matter how far they’ve gone to individually. And I couldn’t be any happier than to see the same faces of fans reuniting once again to reminisce the same ground we all proudly have. But it’s the happy with a slight dagger of sadness knowing that only the memories bind HSM and its fans as one, and there’s no way I could relive the days as exactly as how it really was. No matter how much I wish they were complete in the reunion, I can do nothing to change it. Except probably hope that they will all be completed, alongside remaining supporting cast and director Kenny Ortega, in their 20th anniversary or some other time in the future, so that my, and other millions’, childhood feels could come to life once more. Just like the good, old days in a musical fashion — where everybody breaks out a song and dance number (breaking out of the status quo) regardless of the innocent, wondering crowd staring. It would be one of the happiest days of my life. No exaggerating.


PS. You know how movies leave us questions without answers? Any HSM fan would share the same wonder regarding Twinkle Towne — the musicale (as how Ms. Darbus pronounces) Troy and Gabriella auditioned for. It was suppose to occur after the East High Wildcats won their championship and before HSM2 starts. But it never happened, nor a single word/scene hinting Twinkle Towne’s story. That’s a real mystery right there, folks. Earlier today I found this hilarious analysis” to what could have been of Twinkle Towne. It’s a fascinating read and made me convince me to have a High School Musical marathon later tonight to “investigate” the clues myself. 😉



Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

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