Things I Learned and a Piece of Advice

I once had a conversation with someone who loves reading and has a great potential to creative writing, but the person was so reluctant into figuring out how to enrich that talent; the same thing I had felt years before I even go out and build a blog and start publishing stuff, because the idea of not being good enough frightens me. The thought of my works not being good enough for readers scares me. And no one, I’m pretty much sure of that, no one likes rejection. Whether it be for their opinion, idea or craft.

Until today, as I write this post, I don’t even know if my “poetry” is even poetry in which professional authors can positively consider through their poetic measurements. All I know is that I have ideas wrestling in my head that need to be shut off and written down on a paper, or somewhere. And with those words joining altogether as what I consider output of raw craft forms the art I can proudly call mine. For me, poetry is being able to capture the moment, feelings, love, happiness and even anger into a flow of words that speak perfectly of one’s self.

Although I’m not an expert, I believe that everyone is in position to offer a piece of advice. In such way, we could help develop our talent and the much needed confidence within ourselves. Throughout the years I spent blogging, I learned something important that I think is worthy of sharing to people with the same burning passion as me. That is no one – not even Shakespeare or Homer or Emily Dickinson or even the greatest, most skilled and experienced author out there – can measure the beauty, depth and importance of your art. Because your art is immeasurable beyond nature and simply the beauty itself. Let not the rhyme, meter and beat hinder you from writing a masterpiece only you can make. And that you should never be afraid to go out and proudly stand tall with your craft because the moment you stopped trying is the death of potentials in yourself.

Lastly, part of the best thing about being an artist is having the license to screw up each day, over and over again, and still carry the guts to conquer another day like a cowboy with all the learning we got loaded in our guns.


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Author: Danica Aquino

Tied the knot with performing arts since fourth grade; is an amateur writer (currently on her quest to writing her first novel); book and animal lover; always entranced by nature.

24 thoughts on “Things I Learned and a Piece of Advice”

  1. I can resonate with this. It is often our insecurities, worries, and troubles that make us stop and take a look at, and into, our own minds. They make us grounded, more human. It is precisely these things that make a poet, more than talent or knowledge of words. For me, the greatest beauties have always been inside the minds of humans. This post reminds me of that thought, about how making mistakes and screwing up is essentially a necessity to be an artist, because, lets face it, a perfect world wouldn’t be much to think about. Loved your work!

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  2. Poetry is the ramblings of the mind, broken lines conveying complete sense, brush strokes combined to create a beautiful picture! Our ingredients may vary but the soul remains the same , passion for the written word and the pleasure it gives the writer as well as the reader. I may not be a poet in the classical sense yet I am able to convey my thoughts and am glad that others can identify with it ,that’s all that matters! πŸ™‚ We are artists , who crave for influencing the world through our little-big efforts. πŸ™‚

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  3. One of the most refreshing and positive posts I’ve read for a while. It seems to be tinged with experience.
    You pretty well, I loved how you put “For me, poetry is being able to capture the moment, feelings, love, happiness and even anger into a flow of words that speaks perfectly of one’s self.” across, assimilating two different topics of the post (to me) into one, binding it together.


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