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I am Danica Aquino. I blog about happiness, sadness, anger, love, hate, and any possible emotion a human can ever feel. I find it fascinatingโ€”the world, its people and society as they revolve around and interact with one another. Most of these musings are put in the form of poetry and short stories. I also share my thoughts on the little quirks and events in life that are personally deemed interesting, and sometimes funny. I hope you find them helpful; a material that you can resonate with and will somehow touch your life in a way only words can magically do, as much as it helps me figure out my passion for writing.

I am a true blood Filipino, born and raised in the Philippines. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts. I started theater in fourth grade and later realized that it is the passion I have to fulfill in order to live a purposeful life. I soak up the wine of arts, intricacies of acting, music and the applause of audience. On the other hand, writing is another way of life aside from doing theater. I started my actual writing habit in sixth grade when I joined the school newspaper, and since then pens, notebooks and books have become a loyal companion. Filipino is my mother tongue, but I try and write poetry and stories in English, as I find playing with words more fun. Not that my first language is no fun at all, I just find it more complicated and delicate. To put it shortly, these two passions give me the sense of purpose.

Other than that, there are five important things I can never live without: Sun, Moon, Stars, Cloud Formations and Good Books. They are not in particular order; I don’t want them to get jealous of one another (lol). My haven starts whenever the sun goes down and caresses the earth’s surface with its beautiful, peaceful orange-gold rays. And when the moon dangles above our heads to light the dark night, accompanied by its diamond-like gorgeous stars. I also am an animal lover. Sometimes you may find me writing about my love for my pets and/or insights about any recent news regarding animal welfare.

Be my guest. Feel free to comment below and chat. You can also contact me by clicking the tab “Contact” on the upper-right side of this webpage. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Well wishes,
Danica Aquino

35 thoughts on “About”

    1. Oh my God. I can’t believe you actually took time to check out and comment on my blog! I’m a fan of your book Always and Forever, it’s such a fascinating read. Thank you so much!


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