Manila Today

Intramuros, Manila—right outside the Manila Cathedral. At the left side of the picture is a traditional transportation called "Kalesa".
The Manila Cathedral
"The Book Stop Project" is a pop-up library that aims to reach its readers at the heart of Manila. Visitors can freely donate books, and as well as adopt one of their choice. Today, I dropped 14 books from my shelf and bagged Shakespeare's King Lear home.
My friend and I also visited the National Museum on its last day of free admission. Grabbing the opportunity while it still lasts!


The Struggle is Real: Translating Tagalog to English

Being bilingual is undeliably fun, as I can communicate with whoever in the world I want, and quite a battle too in terms of matching more appropriate words that counterpart what I’m trying to say. In a dreamy state I love poetry—those elegant use of metaphors and how it rouses the most delicate of human emotion. Oooh, what a beauty! But in everyday life I’ve known myself as sharp, direct to the point, and I don’t always have a sweet word to explain what exactly my thoughts and feelings are. It takes more time for me to sugarcoat everything I have to say in order to seem nicer and avoid argument or misunderstanding.
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Weekend Musings: When It Turns Upside Down, What Now?


Ever felt that life is showering you millions of tricky situations in a single day just to test how strongly you can stand and whether or not you will realize that giving up is the only choice left? This happens to me at least every three months or so, in return I would just shrug off and laugh at the end of the day. Who are you kidding, life?! I would shrug off and laugh because the truth is I have no clue for certain how to make things work, except probably let the days pass with me doing whatever is needed to be done.

Danica, what the heck are you blabbing about?

I’m talking about responsibilities came unannounced I did not ask for pile up in my room—too much of them to be handled within 24 hours. I want to come clean, though, this is not going to be a post ranting about the things I hate. I am going to praise life and how wonderful it gets whenever it puts me in situations where I can step up my work as a senior student and soon-to-be dipping my toe soul into the real world.

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Things I Learned and a Piece of Advice

I once had a conversation with someone who loves reading and has a great potential to creative writing, but the person was so reluctant into figuring out how to enrich that talent; the same thing I had felt years before I even go out and build a blog and start publishing stuff, because the idea of not being good enough frightens me. The thought of my works not being good enough for readers scares me. And no one, I’m pretty much sure of that, no one likes rejection. Whether it be for their opinion, idea or craft.

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I Hail The Queen

I am always entranced by the beauty of night, especially when the Queen Moon (yes, I cannot simply say the word moon without including the word Queen with a capital Q because, heh, she’s the Queen) rises and takes center stage — with her back up crew, those different colors of stars from plain white to extravagant blue, surrounding. No matter where I am or what I’m doing I always make sure to stare above, for how long I don’t know, and solemnly hail the beauty of the night sky. You must know by now how obsessed I am by taking all these pictures last night; one subject, tons of pictures. Only I wish I had the coolest tool to stargaze even better. But no matter how good of a quality the device is, it can never beat the actual beauty my eyes can see real time.