“Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” (and a bit of myself)

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REVIEW: Tom Gormican’s That Awkward Moment with Zac Efron, Miles Teller & Michael B. Jordan


Cast: Zac Efron as Jason, Miles Teller as Daniel and Michael B. Jordan as Mikey.

Plot Summary:  

Best friends Jason (Zac Efron), Daniel (Miles Teller) and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) live together. When Mikey’s girl breaks up with him, his friends decide to take him out, rather then letting him mope.


That Awkward Moment was viewed from guys’ perspective which made it unique from other rom-coms made before. It’s got a cool vibe and light-hearted theme which I guess tried to capture young women and I thought it successfully did.

Although Tom Gormican’s script and direction was an overall slick, some jokes were tiring like the “Daniel is taking a dump for God knows how many times already”. It was funny in some way but as Jason and Mikey emphasize it, the more it becomes tiring.

The three main character—Jason (Efron), Daniel (Teller) and Mikey (Jordan)—were pretty much likeable and they grow into you as the movie went on. Zac Efron has proven to us again that he’s the type of actor where you could put him into any roles out there and he could still make you believe of the impossible. Yes, like how Superman made us believe that he’s faster than a bullet. Although Jason wasn’t as remarkable as Daniel, he’s the guy you would like in the first place since he’s got a slick (not as charming, though) attitude and sometimes he could also be as romantic as fuck and an asshole at the same time.

Miles Teller was hilarious and comedies come natural in him as though he wasn’t acting at all. I gotta admit that his performance stood out among Efron and Jordan’s. He doesn’t need to try hard; he nailed his character well and it suited him perfectly. Credit to Tom’s script, Daniel’s progression was seen clearly. While on the other hand, though, Mikey, unlike Jason and Daniel, wasn’t given enough time to develop as a character. Not only Michael B. Jordan’s role was weak, but was also given less attention. I think that his acting chops were convincing but honeslty, he could do better than this.

“So… where is this going?” Is the main line which That Awkward Moment has relied on and it was pretty much showed clearly—from the beginning ‘til end. The movie wasn’t complicated to watch—it’s easygoing and this kind of film is what casual people would see not for the fascines of watching excellent movies but only for entertainment.

Scenes were smoothly edited together; some are surprising and unexpected although its climax wasn’t executed in a way it would stand out because it was flat. Though the resolution was satisfying, it was kind of predictable. What I like about it, though, is that it was able to balance both their male and female audience and left people hanging and wanting for more.

 Rating: 3 out of 5

“The Paperboy”


I told myself I would never post a review about Zac’s movies cause I highly like him and I might be biased but this one’s too good to be true and I just felt the need to post this. I hope It’s not yet too late, though…

The Paperboy was packed with these veteran and professional actors–Matthew McCaughnahey, John Cusack and Nicole Kidman. Of course Zac Efron is part of the cast as well, directed by Lee Daniels. It was an outstanding line up and as expected, an outstanding performance.

I like watching dark films which is why I guess the movie got my full attention.

I think The Paperboy was very interesting not only because it was a true-to-life story but also there were these exotic twist and turns that you’d probably don’t expect while watching. The story’s premise was clear and so as its conflict and solution. It was very dark in a good sense and honestly, it scared the hell outta me.

Matthew McConaughey as Ward Jansen: I think it was the first time I watched Matthew in a movie and he totally impressed me. You’d get this feeling for realness while watching him. He played his character very well.

Nicole Kidman as Charlotte Bless: I’ve never been so moved on a movie character unlike what I did with Nicole Kidman’s. I gained a lot of respect to her from what she did on The Paperboy. I can’t even put in to words how good of an actress she is and she left me in owe.

John Cusack as Hilary Van Wetter: John Cusack’s performance was unsurprisingly strong and powerful. He’s got a lot of heart in putting himself in his character and it showed here very clearly on The Paperboy. Just like with Nicole Kidman, I was left in owe. If you’re an aspiring actor you would totally wish to star in a movie with him.

Zac Efron as Jack Jansen: This is the first movie I’ve ever seen him as strong as he did here. His character was far from what he did back on his Disney days and the chick flicks he’s done before. It was impressing that he got along well with these type of actors in terms of acting abilities and I can’t wait to see him doing these sort of films in the future–he’s got a potential for it.

The Paperboy was a bad tale yet it’s the kind of movie which will stay in your mind. For movie buffs, I think this one is something to be kept for generations.

“Spring Breakers”


Alright, so I thought Spring Breakers’ premise was this:

Four girls want to go to the Spring Break sooo baaad but they don’t have enough money. So the three of them robbed a what? An eatery of some sort? So they robbed that place and got the money they needed. They went to the Spring Break—it was on a beach with these random girls jiggling their naked boobs while men are obviously having fun with the scenery. Technically, the first half hour of the film focused on those cokehead parties while showing those girls who jiggle their naked boobs all over again and it was executed in a slow-mo way. Then fast forward to where the four main girls were arrested until a silver-teethed guy bailed on them. The silver-teethed guy was some sort of a million dollar drug lord and he took care of the four girls. He brought them in his house then blah-blah, the fourth girl (Faith played by Selena Gomez) has quit. Fast forward to where Cotty (played by Rachel Korine) decided to quit also after she was hit on her arm. Then fast forward to where Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson) and Alien (the silver-teethed guy played by James Franco) were having a threesome in the pool. After that, the three of them decided to attack Alien’s nemesis which killed Alien in the process so Candy and Brit continued to fight (yep, fight. Cause they have guns while wearing neon bikinis).  And they finally left the pace after killing the man they have to. The end.

I’m not sure If I wasn’t able to tell the story accurately and in a way that would entertain you or the premise was just plainly boring. Spring Breakers was yet the most uninteresting and immoral movie I’ve seen. Ever.

The whole movie tackles about sex, drugs, and other immoral stuff that you would actually might not even see in a college frat party. I think it was overreacting—excessive cussing and naked body all throughout. I swear to God that I forced myself to look on a possible positive side of the film but I just can’t. Yes, it could simply be about hedonism, where one must do any thing to achieve pleasure, but there’s more to look into it.

Selena Gomez as Faith. I thought I was watching a fourteen year-old girl gone inappropriately wild with her BFFs. And don’t forget the crying scene where she pushed her—I don’t know if it was real—tears to the limit.

Rachel Korine as Cotty. Kudos to her frontal scene. It takes a lot of courage to do that especially if the movie director was her husband.

Vanessa Hudgens as Candy. The wild former Disney star gone more wild and I thought I heard her say that she would never go naked for a movie but I guess that’s changed since she was completely naked in the threesome scene, and thanks to the pool water, it blurred everything we could see while she’s naked. I cannot compare her acting from Selena’s any further. I still see the Gabriella Montez in her.

Ashley Benson as Brit. I see a pretty little liar there. Her character, Brit, was kind of silent yet wild. But they are all wild anyway. I think she’s done pretty good as her character.

I don’t know what does Spring Breakers have to entice this women play these characters. I don’t think the right way to become a mature actress is to accept roles like this. Acting immorally, cussing and getting naked in a wrong way will never define how mature of an actor they are.

The movie lacked in good script, it was draggy the whole time and it simply doesn’t make sense. It also lacked on the conflict’s resolution. To be honest, I can hardly distinguish its conflict in the first place.

Is this how teenagers act NORMALLY? Or is this how society influences the young generation? Is this an eye opener? Why make emphasis on the bad things if these movie makers could simply film something which can positively contribute to everyone? Some say this is what happens in reality but I doubt it could be this bad. As I said, it was overreacting.

If anything is to be spread to the future generation, it’s not Spring Breakers.