They speak—
patient ears are what I gift.
They speak—
warmth of my tears they yield.
When I do the same—
deafening noise roared the room.
When again I speak—
laughter dulled my rosy cheeks.

I speak
but they would not hear,
therefore I write.

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WebSmart: A Short Message To Internet Users

Everybody has the privilege to be informed. And everybody has the right NOT to be misinformed.

Yes, continue stuffing your mind with information, global news and anything that surfaces under the sun. But please, as a human being blessed with a functioning human brain, do your homework. Not all pictures you see and words you read on the internet are true. Analyze everything, be skeptical with your online sources. Stop being so lazy. Do your research. You have a responsibility to prevent the spread of malicious articles written out of context intended to demoralize a personality’s or organization’s reputation. You have a responsibility to put a stop to ignorance.

Be that one responsible internet user.

-Danica Aquino

After All

What seemed to be pushed behind one’s consciousness will take its toll and revenge on one’s peaceful dream.

In my reality
I have let you go—
for so long, I have.
You are now
nothing but a shadow
of what it once was.

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Stop Monopolizing Art

We may be different worlds apart defining art. Just let it be. Art is gaining freedom, as well as giving it to someone. Appreciate and motivate. Art is never discouraging aspirants. Stop monopolizing Art.

See You Again

I stare at the journal resting in my clammy and trembling hands, couldn’t summon to look in her pained eyes as guilt hits me with promises that never come to reality. Standing right now with her, at the cottage near the end of a beach boardwalk where together we smiled, laughed and shared our darkest secrets, she seems away from me—facing further in the sea. Then she turns—blank from the hints of her emotions. I pause for a moment, trying to gather words that could fit. I have no right to keep her long for nothing.
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How Much Can I Fill a Vessel

How much can I filll a vessel,
When you stand at its side,
Eyes burning with pride,
Poking your stick with a sharp end,
Spilling all the water?

How much should I fill,
How long ’til I waiver?