Butterfly Kisses


The sound of rain tapping hard on the roof and the howling wind against the window pane sound like a classical music to her nerves that stimulate all her dying senses. She looked up at him as he drifted off silently. How peaceful you are, she thought, like a sweet child unknown of the harsh blanket clouting your little playground. His shallow breathing formed a light moist against her forehead; sweet and tender with a tinge of grapes. She closed her eyes as she reminisced about how she loved it; nights spent in a cold and dark room as the two of them seek fire from each other’s touch. As though their skins are of great combination to ignite flames through a delicious friction only them could make. She gently skimmed his bare chest with her candle-like fingers, savored every inch of his flesh, every chest hair that seemed like unstrummed guitar strings. She left butterfly kisses on and felt the warmth of his soft lips. Continue reading “Butterfly Kisses”


Between Stars



Solitary and Darkness;

Uknowns creep buoyant.

Not a Single Soul


Never one is happy:

Getting the early worm in the morning,

Catching the first flight in the travel,

Finding the care that’s never there.

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Blog Announcement

I started this blog posting stuff in English (my second language since I come from the Philippines, Filipino is my primary) for the use of reaching across the globe, and right now I’m thinking of publishing more of my poems and short stories translated in Filipino. I decided I want to hone my writing skills not only through the English language but also, and especially, through the language I grew up speaking. By doing so I wouldn’t feel the guilt of abandoning my culture and country when I am honestly more capable of sharing insights with my local speaking voice.

So, from now on I will be posting stuff in Filipino too. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂


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The Ritual

We hum the same tune of music
a form of love is what we build.
We dance like there’s no tomorrow
putting ourselves out of sorrow.

My greenest leaves touching yours,
Our branches binding us,
Our barks standing close,
Our roots quenching thirst.

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The Fallen Light (Part 2)

I’m not nervous, nor confident. If there’s one emotion that dominates my wholeness is that I’m afraid. I’m afraid of rejection, although rejection might be the best forgiveness the mighty could give me. I’m afraid of this world. All my beliefs seem to vanish far from the horizon. It devastates me most that my only anchor to strength is now next to nothing I know – oblivion. By mostly, I’m afraid of myself.

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Joe and His Knock-Knock Joke

Joe and His Knock-Knock Joke


Joe’s heard a funny knock-knock joke on the TV, so he decided to drop all the toys on the floor and tell about it to his Big Brother. But Big Brother seems too happy fiddling with his phone, so he decided to find Mommy in the kitchen to tell his knock-knock joke. But Mommy simply shrugged him off and told him she was busy slicing carrots for dinner and rather go tell Daddy about it. Joe carried out and went to find Daddy occupied with papers spread across his office table. Joe came trotting around and tugged at Daddy’s trousers. But Daddy gently waved him away and told little Joe to play with Big Brother.

With pouting lips and drooping shoulders, he walked back to the living room and solemnly played with his toys. But after a while, he felt a wet nose snuggling his neck. When he turned to see what it was, he found Puppy too close to his face. With that, Joe’s arms flung in the air like a puppet, as his lips curled into a wide grin.