Old friends, acquaintances.
I wonder,
What happened
Between me and you?
I hope you do well
With the life of your own.

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Falling lid of the eye

It’s probably the first time I’m doing this. I currently am writing this in a supermarket sitting in a food court, waiting for my mother to arrive. I really got nothing better to do than to write this thing, so I hope you all get by.

I just got from school which was pretty much tiring although what I only did was to wait for my professor. And then some window shopping with few friends. And here I am now.

Nothing is more excruciating than seeing people meeting friends and/or family in here. Exchanging sweet smiles and laugh. Eating together. EATING!!! I’ve never been so jealous with seeing people eat before until now. This is baaaaaddd.

I also thought of writing a poem about indifferences among people earlier today before I’ve gone to uni at 8:00 and decided to pursue writing it when I get home. But apparently, as of 17:14 right now, I’m still not home and hungry and sleepy.

I short for food budget today. I don’t know how that happened but it did. I am now a broke college student waiting for her mom to arrive to feed her.


And sleepy too.

Talk about how much I’m missing the company of my bed right now. I’ve gone to bed 2:00 today since I was too busy chatting with friends on Facebook and checking here on WordPress.

Summer vacation is also suppose to kick in this week. I’m really looking forward to it. Because I think I freaking deserve it!

A generous break for my mind and soul and I promise you that this would be your last time reading my written scattered thoughts—I hope.