No Longer Found

No thing
lasts a hundred,
a million, gazillion,
years of future,

even the tallest
of mountains, and
the deepest of
oceans, and
lovers they thought
eternally bound,

all but crumbles
into sad
’til even that
can no longer
be found.



A Woman is not episodal—
a thirty-minute watch,
She does not come in a flash,
She is a whole—
the sequel to bestseller
the author to author

A Woman is neither a day
nor a night,
that wakes and sleeps
along the sun and stars,
She is an endless tale—
one to behold a lifetime

She is the classic—
living in Beethoven’s music,
She is the fire—
the only one I see in your eye

And as long as She lives—
I’d never die.


They speak—
patient ears are what I gift.
They speak—
warmth of my tears they yield.
When I do the same—
deafening noise roared the room.
When again I speak—
laughter dulled my rosy cheeks.

I speak
but they would not hear,
therefore I write.

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Glittering Fences


A planet run by certificates,

Approval of the hierarchy,

Nods from the one who officiates,

And a smile from the finest lady.

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