Green Heart

Green heart

They can be;

So is God

Through the face of She.



A Woman is not episodal—
a thirty-minute watch,
She does not come in a flash,
She is a whole—
the sequel to bestseller
the author to author

A Woman is neither a day
nor a night,
that wakes and sleeps
along the sun and stars,
She is an endless tale—
one to behold a lifetime

She is the classic—
living in Beethoven’s music,
She is the fire—
the only one I see in your eye

And as long as She lives—
I’d never die.


They speak—
patient ears are what I gift.
They speak—
warmth of my tears they yield.
When I do the same—
deafening noise roared the room.
When again I speak—
laughter dulled my rosy cheeks.

I speak
but they would not hear,
therefore I write.

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Glittering Fences


A planet run by certificates,

Approval of the hierarchy,

Nods from the one who officiates,

And a smile from the finest lady.

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