Scribbles in Sheets

​Scribbles in sheets-

Hues differ from another-

Faces of their kind

Vulnerably carved.

Scribbles in sheets-

Covered in dust, may be,

Rather dull of nostalgia

To no degree.

Scribbles in sheets-

Apart from flesh and blood-

Are what keeps us all



Green Heart

Green heart

They can be;

So is God

Through the face of She.


Doesn’t matter

How we try and hide

A piece of our puzzle.

One way or another

Upon the casting light

Its shadow will reveal

What remains in the riddle

We refused to hear.

Manila Today

Intramuros, Manila—right outside the Manila Cathedral. At the left side of the picture is a traditional transportation called "Kalesa".
The Manila Cathedral
"The Book Stop Project" is a pop-up library that aims to reach its readers at the heart of Manila. Visitors can freely donate books, and as well as adopt one of their choice. Today, I dropped 14 books from my shelf and bagged Shakespeare's King Lear home.
My friend and I also visited the National Museum on its last day of free admission. Grabbing the opportunity while it still lasts!


I Hail The Queen

I am always entranced by the beauty of night, especially when the Queen Moon (yes, I cannot simply say the word moon without including the word Queen with a capital Q because, heh, she’s the Queen) rises and takes center stage — with her back up crew, those different colors of stars from plain white to extravagant blue, surrounding. No matter where I am or what I’m doing I always make sure to stare above, for how long I don’t know, and solemnly hail the beauty of the night sky. You must know by now how obsessed I am by taking all these pictures last night; one subject, tons of pictures. Only I wish I had the coolest tool to stargaze even better. But no matter how good of a quality the device is, it can never beat the actual beauty my eyes can see real time.