Work of Art

I may be no artist
But let me draw you
With my own
Stroke of words
And color you
With the same passion
Running through my veins
Up unto my heart

In that way
I’d immortalise you
And the memories we’d never make
And keep the artwork
In my own
Secluded gallery
While you pass your years away
Living the life you always wanted
Living the life as if I’d never existed.


My Parents

Phones are not that much of a privacy in our home, as we (my parents and I) don’t keep secrets from each other. Having said that, all of us are free to just grab each other’s phones on the table and scroll through it. I always, like everyday, borrow their phones, and so skimming through their text messages too. It always makes me so “kilig” (hoity-toity, as how Google would translate but it’s more of a giddy matter to me) whenever I read my parents’ exchange of messages. It usually goes like this:

Mom: Asawa ko, ung gamot mo ha, luv u. (My husband, don’t forget your meds, love you)
Dad: Asawa ko, OK. Luv u so much (My wife, okay. Love you so much)

Or something like this during lunch:

Dad: Asawa ko, kain na ko. Ikaw din. Luv u. (My wife, I’ll eat now. You too. Love you)
Mom: Kakain na rin ako. Luv u too. (I’m about to eat mine. Love you too.)

Aren’t they the cheesiest? And by cheesiest, I mean sweetest. Seems to me like they’re going back to that honeymoon stage. And I can’t help this playful smile on my face as I write and share this cute (at least to me) story with you.