Work of Art

I may be no artist
But let me draw you
With my own
Stroke of words
And color you
With the same passion
Running through my veins
Up unto my heart

In that way
I’d immortalise you
And the memories we’d never make
And keep the artwork
In my own
Secluded gallery
While you pass your years away
Living the life you always wanted
Living the life as if I’d never existed.



Doesn’t matter

How we try and hide

A piece of our puzzle.

One way or another

Upon the casting light

Its shadow will reveal

What remains in the riddle

We refused to hear.

How Much Can I Fill a Vessel

How much can I filll a vessel,
When you stand at its side,
Eyes burning with pride,
Poking your stick with a sharp end,
Spilling all the water?

How much should I fill,
How long ’til I waiver?

One May Not Had Seen

One may not had seen

the incite of sunrise

surely, a soul won’t miss

unruffled sunset.

It does not matter

how it started,

a story begins

when another has ended.