Tonight I will sleep with the thought
that the moon hung low,
swell enough to illuminate
the dimmed sidewalk
we were strolling through;
a busy street
of a sunday eve,
laughing as we lost track.
Strangers brush past us—
oblivious of the blossom
enveloped within
the cocoon of our entwined hands.

And for a single moment
you allowed me to drink in the moonlight—
with your eyes
sharing the same glow as I,
which was nothing I’d ever seen before;
nothing compared to what I had.


Stop Monopolizing Art

We may be different worlds apart defining art. Just let it be. Art is gaining freedom, as well as giving it to someone. Appreciate and motivate. Art is never discouraging aspirants. Stop monopolizing Art.

Wings of Compel

Who wouldn’t,
even I,
bout anything.
Whether it is
the greenest
or the bluest
Unbounded by nature,
no other man can endure.

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Things I Learned and a Piece of Advice

I once had a conversation with someone who loves reading and has a great potential to creative writing, but the person was so reluctant into figuring out how to enrich that talent; the same thing I had felt years before I even go out and build a blog and start publishing stuff, because the idea of not being good enough frightens me. The thought of my works not being good enough for readers scares me. And no one, I’m pretty much sure of that, no one likes rejection. Whether it be for their opinion, idea or craft.

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I Hail The Queen

I am always entranced by the beauty of night, especially when the Queen Moon (yes, I cannot simply say the word moon without including the word Queen with a capital Q because, heh, she’s the Queen) rises and takes center stage — with her back up crew, those different colors of stars from plain white to extravagant blue, surrounding. No matter where I am or what I’m doing I always make sure to stare above, for how long I don’t know, and solemnly hail the beauty of the night sky. You must know by now how obsessed I am by taking all these pictures last night; one subject, tons of pictures. Only I wish I had the coolest tool to stargaze even better. But no matter how good of a quality the device is, it can never beat the actual beauty my eyes can see real time.


The Power of Reading and Writing

It’s November. I didn’t end October with a bang, certainly not beginning November with fireworks. I still have a ship-load of tasks to do and will surely catch deadlines one after another in the upcoming weeks. I am a graduating student this academic year, though I’m not sure yet how my grades will come out by the end of semester, but already I’m claiming it, (just to attract positive energy) I AM GRADUATING. (!!!)

I did not expect how hectic my schedules have been in the past months. Like, looking back today, I’m asking myself how the heck did I survive those in one piece? And I realize that, indeed, life has a way of progressing itself—giving us mountain-top trials, confusions, what seems to be endless depression and anxiety—win or lose. Yet here I am, writing this blog post. Though I couldn’t tell right at this moment that I won. No, at least not yet, since our thesis proposal got dumped and our group still has to wake back from the dead.

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